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Who We Are

Right from its inception, through Mandamus Education Academy we trained many unskilled individuals and enabled them to lead a happy life.

Our Approach

Reach every youth in the community and ensure they are heard and supported. Engage with them to provide platform to articulate their perspectives.

Our Priority

We work towards empowering rural and tribal communities, youth at risk, differently abled and marginalised sections of the society.

We are Mandamus Shiksha Foundation, We help communities to achieve wellbeing

Skills & Placement

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Sustain Sports

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Achieve Wellbeing

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Stories, Experience and Learnings from Mandmaus Shiksha Foundation

About Mandamus Shiksha Foundation

Improved Quality Of Life Among Youth Across The Globe

Mandamus Shiksha foundation, the not-for-profit organisation is planning to address the major concerns of rural and neglected communities of the society in partnership with Corporates, Government, Civil Society, CSR initiatives and other stakeholders to achieve well-being of the youth.

The main objective of Mandamus Shiksha Foundation is to extend comprehensive support to the youth, especially the marginalized and neglected sections of the society. A better support and proper guidance enable them to lead a sustainable and promising life-style.

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